How to get access to the NIC

Before requesting access to the NIC@King’s, please review the access policy and the charges for use of facility equipment.

To gain access to the centre you will need to fill out two forms:

1. A request for an account for our online scheduling system. If you are a KCL student or staff member, make sure to enter a grant code (to be charged for your usage) in the box that asks for an 'Account number'. If you are from an institution other than King's, please contact a member of NIC staff for a consultation.

2. A training request form submitted through the online scheduling system. This will allow you to provide details of the samples you want to image and the instrument you are interested in using. You should submit a separate form for each instrument on which you require training.

If you are not sure which microscope you need for your work and would prefer a consultation please contact a member of NIC@King's staff.

You will require two training sessions before you can use the microscopes unassisted. At the first session we will fully demonstrate the microscope and make configurations appropriate to your needs (you are encouraged to bring samples with you to the training sessions). During the second training session you will control the microscope under supervision of a member of NIC staff. Provided you are confident to get started by yourself, you will be given access to the booking schedule for the microscope on which you completed the two training sessions. Initially this access will be limited to office hours (8am-5pm) so that there will be a member of NIC staff present should you require support with your microscopy. After you build up some experience, and are confident using the microscope unaided, you can be granted out-of-hours access should you require it. This does not happen automatically, you will need to contact a member of NIC staff to request out-of-hours access.

All subsequent requests for training should be made through our online scheduling system.

If you have trouble with any of the forms, please contact