A1R confocal with spectral detector

A1Rpic.jpgResonant scanning - The A1R+ confocal has a hybrid scan-head that incorporates both a resonant and a galvonometer scanner. The resonant scanner is capable of high speed image capture at rates ranging from 30 frames per second (512 x 512 pixels) to 420 frames per second (512 x 32 pixels), while the galvonometer scanner can be used for high resolution imaging. They can be combined for simultaneous imaging and photobleaching or stimulation experiments.

GaAsP detectors - The A1R+ is equipped with two normal PMTs and two high-sensitivty GaAsP detectors (green and red channels) enabling visualisation of even very weak signals.

PFS - The A1R confocal is mounted on a Nikon Ti Eclipse microscope with Nikon's Perfect Focus System. This focal drift compensation mechanism allows users to maintain the desired focal plane for long-tem live cell imaging.

Microscope Eclipse Ti-E Inverted.
Detectors 2 x GaAsP Detectors, 2 x PMT, 1 x DIC PMT, 1 x 32 channel Spectral Detector.
Objectives 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x oil and 100x oil.
Laser Wavelengths 405nm diode, 440nm diode, 488nm diode, 488nm/514nm Argon Ion, 561nm diode, 642nm diode.
Environment Solent Scientific chamber with temperature and CO2 control.